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DC Power Meter
DC Power Meter

VAW DC Power Meter provides high accuracy measurement, display and communication of DC voltage, Current, Power, Energy(import / export), and Run Hour. They are also building in 4 Relay outputs, 1 Analogue output, 1 Pulse output , 2External Control Inputs and 1 RS485(Modbus RTU Mode) interface with versatile functions such as remote I/O, alarm and communication for DC power applications like as solar, wind power system or portable electronic device consumption testing.

For the power saving, VAW has built in an innovation timer to switch down the light and power of LED. It makes sense to build the meter in a green power system.

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● Measuring DC Voltage, Current, Power, Import Energy and Export Energy

● 4 relay can be multi-cross programmed individual to correspond,

► Voltage/Current/Power(kW): Hi / Lo / Hi Latch / Lo Latch energized with Start Delay / Hysteresis / Energized

& De-energized Delay functions.

► Energy(kWh): Energized with N/R/C mode

► Other application: DO(Digital output)

● 2 external control inputs can be programmed individual to correspond,

► Voltage/Current/Power(kW): Relative PV (Tare) / PV Hold / Maximum or Minimum Hold

► Energy(kWh): Gate / Reset

► Other application: DI(remote monitoring) / Reset for Relay Energized Latch

● Analogue multi-cross selection for Voltage/Current/Power(kW)/Energy output in option

● Pulse output to correspond energy and RS 485 communication port in option

● Outside dimensions is DIN standard (96 x 48 mm)

● CE Approved & RoHS



Version: 1.0 / Update: 2014.07.11


Version: 1.0 / Update: 2010.11.17


VAW RS485 Table

Version: 1.0 / Update: 2017.08.23