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CS2-RS 4 2/3 Digital Resistance Meter
CS2-RS 4 2/3 Digital Resistance Meter


CS2-RS Resistance Indicator has been designed with high accuracy measurement, display and communication of Ohm (2 wire) as like as Coil of motor or transformer. The meter supports Field Calibration function. It can be calibrated with sensor (Resistance) to meet machinery structure. We build flexible function as like as 3 bank (for multi-range scaling and set point) and 3 external control inputs meet to various testing equipment inquiry. They are also building in 4 Relay outputs, 3 External Control Inputs, 1 Analogue output and 1 RS485(Modbus RTU Mode) interface with versatile functions such as control, alarm, re-transmission and communication for a wide range of machinery and testing equipment applications.



 Measuring resistance 0~200Ω/2000Ω/20.0KΩ/200.0KΩ (2 wire)

 4 banks pre-set for difference measuring range with all relay functions relative 4 difference scaling, and selectable by 3 External Control Inputs (E.C.I.) Or front key

 Field calibration with resistance to meet the system requirement

 4 relays can be programmed individual to be a Hi / Lo / Hi Latch / Lo Latch / Go energized with Start Delay / Hysteresis / Energized & De-energized Delay functions, or to be a remote control.

 Analogue output and RS 485 communication port in option

 3 external control inputs can be programmed individual to be Tare (Relative PV) / PV Hold / Maximum or Minimum Hold / DI (remote monitoring) / Reset for Relay Energized Latch….

 CE Approved & RoHS



 Testing Equipment for resistance (as like as coil of motor, transformer, relay ..) Measuring, Alarm, Control and Communication with PC/PLC.

 Components of resistance online testing station.

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