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CS1-F 5 Digits Frequency Meter
CS1-F 5 Digits Frequency Meter


CS1-F economic Frequency Indicator is equipped with high accuracy measurement, display and communication of frequency.

It features user-defined range of frequency input, 0.01Hz~ 100KHz (optional purchase for ~140KHz), and the display resolution will change based on the maximum input frequency.

It allows to purchase one optional set of relay output, analogue output, or RS-485(Modbus RTU Mode) communication port, and such diverse interface provides many functions to control, alarm, remote communication, and relevant application.



■ Measuring frequency range: 0.01~100KHz; ~140KHz (optional purchase); voltage pulse or sine wave (specified


Accuracy: ± 0.005%; display range: 0~99999; automatically move the decimal point according to the setting range.

Optional to purchase only one of them: 1 relay output, 1 analogue output, or RS-485 communication port

1 relay can be programmed individually to be a Hi / Lo / Hi Hold / Lo Hold / Start Delay / Hysteresis /

Energized & De-energized Delay functions.

CE Approved & RoHS



MCC panel, switch gear... for frequency measurement; work with PC/PLC for remote I/O control and alarm

Testing Equipment for Frequency Measuring, Alarm or Communication with PC/PLC 3 DI can be programmed to be reset of relay energized and remote monitoring by PC/PLC.

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Version: 1.1 / Update: 2023.03.17



Version: 1.0 / Update: 2013.01.04

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