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CM2-VA 4 Digits Voltage/Current Meter
CM2-VA 4 Digits Voltage/Current Meter


CM2-VA Indicator has been designed in simple operation and 4 digital 20.0mm LED displays with economic cost.

They are can be programmed by buttons that are hidden in front panel

They are also available to option relay output and an analog output or RS-485(Modbus RTU Mode) communication



 Measuring AC / DC Voltage 50mV~600V、AC / DC Current 1.999mA~10A

 AC measurement input adopts fast sampling and integration technology, and the displayed value is directly true root mean square(TRMS)

 The operation buttons are built-in to prevent users from arbitrary operation or incorrect setting, which may cause abnormal operation of the equipment

 The display value can be adjusted slightly with the "field measurement signal"

 The output can option relays and analog output or RS-485 (Modbus RTU mode)

 Relay function in addition to start delay, active delay, delay off and active hold

 Analog output voltage signal range can be switched (0~10V/0~5V/1~5V) or current signal range can be switched (0~10mA/0~20mA/4~20mA)

 The analog output signal is free to set the corresponding display range (Span-50%) and can be fine-tuned on-site

 On board terminal design, no quality issue; installation depth is only 72mm



■ Testing Equipments for Volt/Current Measuring

 MCC panel, Machinery, Switch gear... for Voltage or Current Measuring

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Version 1.3 / Update: 2023.01.19



Version 1.1 / Update: 2022.04.13

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