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AD-SeeS Mate: Energy Management System

    ■ Description

         AD-SeeS-Mate is a real time energy management system that targets small and medium solution needs (around 10~30 meters). Designed by industrial meter specialist ADTEK, it is an user-friendly IoT solution with high connectivity.

        You can access power and other key process data efficiently by simply opening a web browser on PC, tablet or smartphone at IT level. Our intelligent EMS gateway AD-520 connects our ADTEK meter series or other 3rd party devices at OT level in Modbus communication and transmits to data server through Ethernet. 

        We provide a stand-alone version based on customer local server and a private cloud version based on ADTEK server.


    ■ Target Segements

    ˙High power consumption factory monitoring, for example: metal

    heat-treatment factory, ceramic factory etc..

    ˙Factory transformer monitoring.

    ˙Manufacturing production process.

    ˙Rental office, hostel, stall bill sharing calculation.

    ˙Chain store energy monitoring.

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