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Key Products
ADTEK- ADP-PMA Modular multi-loop Power meter _PCB Eletroplating Process EMS Application_Successful story
With the growth of the consumer income level and the progress of low carbon economy, electric cars are gradually entering the life of the general public. Electric vehicle charging stations are bound to become a significant point of development for the automotive and energy industries.
A small piece of mask is a protective shield against COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the “Taiwan Mask National Team”, Taiwan's current mask production capacity is not only sufficient to meet domestic demand, but also to help and support foreign countries. Behind the scenes we have the local machine tool manufacturer, who produces a number of machine production lines with high efficiency, working together with mask manufacturers in almost 24-hour non-stop efforts to produce masks.
Due to COVID-19 impact, many industries are now facing supply shortage and demand decline issues. However, there are few particular business remain good growth, for example, 5G and Cloud service. The investment of its infrastructure boosts the production of related products and facilities, such as cells, data center, and communication devices.
AD-SeeS-Mi : Remote Monitoring APP for Smart Factory
Popular Product CPM-80
2018 New launched Product:Multi-Channel Power Converter 【ADP-PM-A】
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