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Welfare system

By the teamwork among employees, Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd has setup a stable foundation, we believe employee is the most valuable asset of an organization, thus we devoted to create an employee-oriented work environment and insist on profit sharing policy, from recruitment to retirement, we offer competitive welfare system:


Bonus benefits

Attendance bonuses

Birthday gifts

Year-end bonuses

Three Chinese festival bonus

Sales bonuses

Proposal bonuses


Leave benefits

Annual leave (based on Labor Standards Act)

Female colleagues menstrual leave

Nursery leave

Male colleagues paternity leave


Insurance benefits

Labor insurance

Health insurance

Accident insurance

Disaster insurance

Employees/dependents group insurance

Retirement pension


Catering benefits

Meal expenses


Leisure benefits

Department banquet

Company trip


Traffic benefits

Free parking lot


Subsidy benefits

Wedding gifts

Maternity benefits

Hospitalization consolation prize

Business cell phone charges

Staff education and training

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