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ADTEK is a Taiwanese power meter manufacturer that established in 1990 , headquartered in

New Taipei City, Taiwan.  We are a Power Meter specialist with experience up to 30 years. We offer

wide range of product from entry level to high level, covering the market of both Power

Management and Industrial Automation.  


Key products include Power Meter, Process Meter, Transducer, Converter, Sensor, and IoT web platform.


Our strength is the fast-paced research & development capability and customization services. 

As the biggest Taiwanese meter exporter, our client is all over more than 35 countries in the world,

especially in South East Asia, Europe, Middle East and North / Latin America.


Capital:USD $ 2.0 Millions

Annual Sales ValueUSD $ 6.35 Millions 

Employee numbers: 95 people


ADTEK Company Profile



ADTEK Company Presentation 



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ADTEK Head office: 


4F.-18, No.14, Lane. 609, Sec. 5, Chongsin Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 24159, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: +886-2-29953100 FAX: +886-2-29953101 

Email: sales@adtek.com.tw 


Brand concept and core value: 




ADTEK is our brand name. 

A and D represent two fondamental data measurement types:  Anaglog / Digital  and  AC/ DC. 



Smart MiT, Easy Link is our slogan and also our core values:

We are good at measuring technology (Smart Measuring Intelligent Technology). 

And data is easy to link -- support  not only major communication protocols but also 

new wireless types for Industry 4.0 such as NB-IoT. 



Our English registered company name (business name) has been changed from Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd. to ADTEK Electronics Co., Ltd. since 2019.07.01.  For more detail, please refer to : 




Product Families:



ADTEK provides not only meters but also communication, sensing, converting/transducing device  and Softwares.

Recently, we are deveploping new IoT web platform for energy data visualization. 

From left to right, above 5 icons represent our 5 key product families: Meter; IoT platform; Communication, sensing, and converting/transducing devices. 

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